• Brandi Jaeger

Camera ON vs. Camera OFF

Have mixed feelings about turning your camera on for live-stream workouts? You're not alone! Our instructors and fitness professionals love it when you turn your camera ON for so many reasons!

  1. We love to see your smiling face! We genuinely enjoy interacting with our students and even take extra steps to check in and have that social engagement. It makes the overall experience more fun!

  2. We can better monitor form and exertion for a safer workout experience. As instructors, we are here for YOU. If we notice that you are really struggling with a particular exercise, we can offer tips and modifications in a way that doesn't call you out and can help get you through the workout successfully. Because the spotlight is on us, you don't have to worry about other attendees watching you or judging you. They're focusing on their own movements!

  3. Being on camera bridges that intensity gap for accountability, as participants push harder and put more energy into their workouts. Participants are exponentially more likely to finish a full workout when they have engaged with their instructors throughout the workout (and remember, we were able to give more cues to help), and feel more accomplished for it!

  4. We also not-so-secretly LOVE the pet & kiddo cameos! Our pets & kids make appearances from time to time too ;) You may think your busy living room is chaotic, but we love it. We're working out from home too!

It's not all about us though...

YOUR experience comes first! Here are some reason our participants have expressed as being great arguments for Camera OFF:

  1. You can wear whatever you want! Non-traditional workout attire, or shall we say, workout attire we might not be comfortable wearing in public. Sports bras, pajamas, birthday suits, straight out of another era attire (cue Let's Get Physical)--you do you do boo!

  2. You can get acclimated at your own pace. You may want to observe first and slowly work your way into a new workout. It's a pressure-free way to find what you love to do!

  3. You're low-key multitasking. One window up with Zoom, one window up with Slack to see if your boss pings you. We get it, and we won't tell!

Just remember, no matter where you fall on the Camera On/Off Spectrum, make safety your #1 priority--a clear space, good shoes, and stay hydrated!

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