• Brandi Jaeger

Planning Like a Pro

We know it can be difficult trying to squeeze in a workout in addition to the dozens of other tasks we face each day. One of the greatest benefits of virtual workouts is that we've eliminated some of the steps that used to slow us down--no more commutes to and from the gym, check-ins, etc. You can log in right where you are, take your class, and get back to what you were doing--with enough time to even squeeze in a quick shower! Still, building a schedule that will consistently work for you can be a challenge. We have some tips and ideas to share on how to get into a routine you'll love!

Do It Like It's Your Job

1. Make Sunday your planning day. Get out your calendar, your colorful pens, and your Flex360 Fitness class schedule and pick your classes. We recommend a minimum of 3-4 exercise sessions per week. You can also pen in your walks, bike rides, swimming, etc!

2. Be realistic in setting your schedule. If you HATE mornings, it's ok to select later options. You want to set yourself up for success so that you look forward to your workouts instead of dreading them.

3. Honor your favorites, but don't be afraid to mix it up. You may discover new formats and instructors that you'll love, and in turn, provide you with more options to pick from in the long term.

4. Stick to it. It's easy to talk yourself out of it, but you'll never regret that workout after you've done it! You've got this!

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