• Brandi Jaeger

The Home Workout -No excuses, no matter what!

Do you feel more successful in your fitness since integrating home workouts into your weekly routine? This isn't by chance. The logic is simple: The ability to workout from home takes away many of the obstacles that once kept us from getting to the gym or going on that run. Home workouts are so convenient and easy to access!

It goes beyond convenience too. Working out from home requires a level of planning and investment that really takes discipline and motivation to another level. Physically making a place to conduct exercises (and designating that as your workout space), investing in equipment (and audio/video enhancement tools), and eliminating the need to go somewhere (hello time and gas saver) all deepen your commitment to your health and the attitude that you're going to get in that workout NO MATTER WHAT!

In order to reap the benefits of the home workout, it's important that you love your workout space and experience. We recommend officially designating a place in your home as your workout area where you can move about freely, store your equipment, control your temperature settings, and decorate it to align with what motivates you. Just like with experts saying you should make your bedroom about sleep, your workout area should only be for exercise. Additionally, it's important to commit to your favorite workouts! Put them on your calendar and schedule them as far in advance as you can. If you have days with potential conflicts in scheduling, line up a back up plan. Don't let yourself off the hook. Reaching this level of commitment to your fitness makes you unstoppable!

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