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"I have always been the overweight friend. The girl who always needs to lose weight. I’ve always been the sign up for gym membership and quit after a few weeks. After having two kids, working out had gotten even harder and the weight was even easier to gain. After having my son, I struggled with medical issues which made me want to be better, be healthier for my kids. I am lucky that I joined Flex360 Fitness. It has changed my life. I am 40 pounds lighter. The trainers are fantastic and make you feel good about yourself. They make you feel like you can accomplish the goals you never thought you could. I love that I can work it around my crazy life and not have to find somewhere for my kids while I work out. My daughter will even join in. Flex360 Fitness has helped so much and I know will continue to help me get stronger and healthier for my children and myself. I am so grateful I have joined somewhere as fantastic, as motivating and as fun as Flex360 Fitness."



"Flex360 Fitness has been a Godsend to help me keep moving and stay active.  Prior to joining Flex360 Fitness, I loved dancing and was excited for Zumba and Dance Fusion (which I still love on the platform), but otherwise hated exercise. Because I have the freedom to workout without my camera on and can take things at my own pace, I have been able to branch out to other exercise formats and actually love them--especially Tabata. I love the convenience of the virtual classes, being able to wear what I want, do what I want, and have everything on my own terms.  I also really love the lunchtime workout options because they're a great way to break up my workday.  The instructors are professional, talented and knowledgeable. Overall, I feel stronger, happier, and more energetic than ever before. I love that I am able to keep up with my grandkids and spend time with them playing, riding bikes, swimming, and building precious memories!"


"Flex360 instructors are my favorite.  The workouts are always fun, challenging and safe.  The convenience of working out from home has been great for me.  I highly recommend this platform!"


"I joined Flex360 a few months ago and have loved every second. Its so easy to join at home without having to head to a gym. The cycling class is a must try! There are so many options at different times you can easily get to a couple classes a week. I highly recommend them."


A great way to workout at home!  The teachers are the best!


"This platform is super user friendly and convenient. The instructors are very motivating which is a must for any 'at home' workout. I highly recommend, especially Miranda's classes!"


"Flex360 Fitness has truly brought joy in my life! The instructors make you feel super comfortable, uplifted and like you’re at home with family. You literally don’t have to leave your home to go workout. They challenge us to go out of our elements, whilst bringing a smile to to our faces with a little added tears. Haha! I love the interaction with the team during class and they take the time at the end of class to answer any questions. Plus take a group picture!"